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CVE-2018-18260 1 Tuzitio 1 Camaleon Cms 2023-03-22 4.3 MEDIUM 6.1 MEDIUM
** DISPUTED ** In the 2.4 version of Camaleon CMS, Stored XSS has been discovered. The profile image in the User settings section can be run in the update / upload area via /admin/media/upload?actions=false. NOTE: the vendor reports that they are "unable to reproduce the reported issue on any version."
CVE-2021-25971 1 Tuzitio 1 Camaleon Cms 2021-11-30 4.0 MEDIUM 4.3 MEDIUM
In Camaleon CMS, versions 2.0.1 to 2.6.0 are vulnerable to an Uncaught Exception. The app's media upload feature crashes permanently when an attacker with a low privileged access uploads a specially crafted .svg file
CVE-2021-25969 1 Tuzitio 1 Camaleon Cms 2021-11-29 4.3 MEDIUM 6.1 MEDIUM
In Camaleon CMS application, versions 0.0.1 to 2.6.0 are vulnerable to stored XSS, that allows an unauthenticated attacker to store malicious scripts in the comments section of the post. These scripts are executed in a victim’s browser when they open the page containing the malicious comment.
CVE-2021-25970 1 Tuzitio 1 Camaleon Cms 2021-10-29 6.8 MEDIUM 8.8 HIGH
Camaleon CMS 0.1.7 to 2.6.0 doesn’t terminate the active session of the users, even after the admin changes the user’s password. A user that was already logged in, will still have access to the application even after the password was changed.
CVE-2021-25972 1 Tuzitio 1 Camaleon Cms 2021-10-25 4.0 MEDIUM 4.9 MEDIUM
In Camaleon CMS, versions to 2.6.0, are vulnerable to Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) in the media upload feature, which allows admin users to fetch media files from external URLs but fails to validate URLs referencing to localhost or other internal servers. This allows attackers to read files stored in the internal server.