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CVE-2023-28155 1 Request Project 1 Request 2023-03-22 N/A 6.1 MEDIUM
** UNSUPPORTED WHEN ASSIGNED ** The Request package through 2.88.1 for Node.js allows a bypass of SSRF mitigations via an attacker-controller server that does a cross-protocol redirect (HTTP to HTTPS, or HTTPS to HTTP). NOTE: This vulnerability only affects products that are no longer supported by the maintainer.
CVE-2017-16026 1 Request Project 1 Request 2019-10-09 7.1 HIGH 5.9 MEDIUM
Request is an http client. If a request is made using ```multipart```, and the body type is a ```number```, then the specified number of non-zero memory is passed in the body. This affects Request >=2.2.6 <2.47.0 || >2.51.0 <=2.67.0.