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CVE-2022-1278 1 Redhat 8 Amq, Amq Online, Integration Camel K and 5 more 2023-03-22 N/A 7.5 HIGH
A flaw was found in WildFly, where an attacker can see deployment names, endpoints, and any other data the trace payload may contain.
CVE-2022-41862 3 Fedoraproject, Postgresql, Redhat 6 Fedora, Postgresql, Enterprise Linux and 3 more 2023-03-14 N/A 3.7 LOW
In PostgreSQL, a modified, unauthenticated server can send an unterminated string during the establishment of Kerberos transport encryption. In certain conditions a server can cause a libpq client to over-read and report an error message containing uninitialized bytes.
CVE-2022-4492 1 Redhat 10 Build Of Quarkus, Integration Camel For Spring Boot, Integration Camel K and 7 more 2023-03-06 N/A 7.5 HIGH
The undertow client is not checking the server identity presented by the server certificate in https connections. This is a compulsory step (at least it should be performed by default) in https and in http/2. I would add it to any TLS client protocol.
CVE-2022-2764 2 Netapp, Redhat 9 Active Iq Unified Manager, Cloud Secure Agent, Oncommand Insight and 6 more 2022-11-07 N/A 4.9 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in Undertow. Denial of service can be achieved as Undertow server waits for the LAST_CHUNK forever for EJB invocations.
CVE-2022-1259 2 Netapp, Redhat 10 Active Iq Unified Manager, Cloud Secure Agent, Oncommand Insight and 7 more 2022-11-07 N/A 7.5 HIGH
A flaw was found in Undertow. A potential security issue in flow control handling by the browser over HTTP/2 may cause overhead or a denial of service in the server. This flaw exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2021-3629.
CVE-2021-4104 4 Apache, Fedoraproject, Oracle and 1 more 46 Log4j, Fedora, Advanced Supply Chain Planning and 43 more 2022-10-05 6.0 MEDIUM 7.5 HIGH
JMSAppender in Log4j 1.2 is vulnerable to deserialization of untrusted data when the attacker has write access to the Log4j configuration. The attacker can provide TopicBindingName and TopicConnectionFactoryBindingName configurations causing JMSAppender to perform JNDI requests that result in remote code execution in a similar fashion to CVE-2021-44228. Note this issue only affects Log4j 1.2 when specifically configured to use JMSAppender, which is not the default. Apache Log4j 1.2 reached end of life in August 2015. Users should upgrade to Log4j 2 as it addresses numerous other issues from the previous versions.
CVE-2021-4178 1 Redhat 9 A-mq Streams, Build Of Quarkus, Descision Manager and 6 more 2022-10-04 N/A 6.7 MEDIUM
A arbitrary code execution flaw was found in the Fabric 8 Kubernetes client affecting versions 5.0.0-beta-1 and above. Due to an improperly configured YAML parsing, this will allow a local and privileged attacker to supply malicious YAML.
CVE-2022-0084 1 Redhat 4 Integration Camel K, Integration Camel Quarkus, Single Sign-on and 1 more 2022-09-01 N/A 7.5 HIGH
A flaw was found in XNIO, specifically in the notifyReadClosed method. The issue revealed this method was logging a message to another expected end. This flaw allows an attacker to send flawed requests to a server, possibly causing log contention-related performance concerns or an unwanted disk fill-up.
CVE-2021-3690 1 Redhat 8 Enterprise Linux, Fuse, Integration Camel K and 5 more 2022-08-26 N/A 7.5 HIGH
A flaw was found in Undertow. A buffer leak on the incoming WebSocket PONG message may lead to memory exhaustion. This flaw allows an attacker to cause a denial of service. The highest threat from this vulnerability is availability.
CVE-2022-2053 1 Redhat 3 Integration Camel K, Jboss Fuse, Undertow 2022-08-11 N/A 7.5 HIGH
When a POST request comes through AJP and the request exceeds the max-post-size limit (maxEntitySize), Undertow's AjpServerRequestConduit implementation closes a connection without sending any response to the client/proxy. This behavior results in that a front-end proxy marking the backend worker (application server) as an error state and not forward requests to the worker for a while. In mod_cluster, this continues until the next STATUS request (10 seconds intervals) from the application server updates the server state. So, in the worst case, it can result in "All workers are in error state" and mod_cluster responds "503 Service Unavailable" for a while (up to 10 seconds). In mod_proxy_balancer, it does not forward requests to the worker until the "retry" timeout passes. However, luckily, mod_proxy_balancer has "forcerecovery" setting (On by default; this parameter can force the immediate recovery of all workers without considering the retry parameter of the workers if all workers of a balancer are in error state.). So, unlike mod_cluster, mod_proxy_balancer does not result in responding "503 Service Unavailable". An attacker could use this behavior to send a malicious request and trigger server errors, resulting in DoS (denial of service). This flaw was fixed in Undertow 2.2.19.Final, Undertow 2.3.0.Alpha2.
CVE-2020-14326 2 Netapp, Redhat 3 Oncommand Insight, Integration Camel K, Resteasy 2022-07-15 5.0 MEDIUM 7.5 HIGH
A vulnerability was found in RESTEasy, where RootNode incorrectly caches routes. This issue results in hash flooding, leading to slower requests with higher CPU time spent searching and adding the entry. This flaw allows an attacker to cause a denial of service.
CVE-2021-3642 2 Quarkus, Redhat 13 Quarkus, Build Of Quarkus, Codeready Studio and 10 more 2021-10-20 3.5 LOW 5.3 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in Wildfly Elytron in versions prior to 1.10.14.Final, prior to 1.15.5.Final and prior to 1.16.1.Final where ScramServer may be susceptible to Timing Attack if enabled. The highest threat of this vulnerability is confidentiality.
CVE-2021-3536 1 Redhat 9 Build Of Quarkus, Data Grid, Descision Manager and 6 more 2021-05-26 3.5 LOW 4.8 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in Wildfly in versions before 23.0.2.Final while creating a new role in domain mode via the admin console, it is possible to add a payload in the name field, leading to XSS. This affects Confidentiality and Integrity.
CVE-2021-20218 1 Redhat 9 A-mq Online, Build Of Quarkus, Codeready Studio and 6 more 2021-03-25 5.8 MEDIUM 7.4 HIGH
A flaw was found in the fabric8 kubernetes-client in version 4.2.0 and after. This flaw allows a malicious pod/container to cause applications using the fabric8 kubernetes-client `copy` command to extract files outside the working path. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to integrity and system availability. This has been fixed in kubernetes-client-4.13.2 kubernetes-client-5.0.2 kubernetes-client-4.11.2 kubernetes-client-4.7.2