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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS v2 CVSS v3
CVE-2023-0100 1 Eclipse 1 Business Intelligence And Reporting Tools 2023-03-22 N/A 8.8 HIGH
In Eclipse BIRT, starting from version 2.6.2, the default configuration allowed to retrieve a report from the same host using an absolute HTTP path for the report parameter (e.g. __report= If the host indicated in the __report parameter matched the HTTP Host header value, the report would be retrieved. However, the Host header can be tampered with on some configurations where no virtual hosts are put in place (e.g. in the default configuration of Apache Tomcat) or when the default host points to the BIRT server. This vulnerability was patched on Eclipse BIRT 4.13.
CVE-2023-24815 1 Eclipse 1 Vert.x-web 2023-02-17 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
Vert.x-Web is a set of building blocks for building web applications in the java programming language. When running vertx web applications that serve files using `StaticHandler` on Windows Operating Systems and Windows File Systems, if the mount point is a wildcard (`*`) then an attacker can exfiltrate any class path resource. When computing the relative path to locate the resource, in case of wildcards, the code: `return "/" + rest;` from `` returns the user input (without validation) as the segment to lookup. Even though checks are performed to avoid escaping the sandbox, given that the input was not sanitized `\` are not properly handled and an attacker can build a path that is valid within the classpath. This issue only affects users deploying in windows environments and upgrading is the advised remediation path. There are no known workarounds for this vulnerability.
CVE-2010-4647 1 Eclipse 1 Eclipse Ide 2023-02-12 4.3 MEDIUM N/A
Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in the Help Contents web application (aka the Help Server) in Eclipse IDE before 3.6.2 allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the query string to (1) help/index.jsp or (2) help/advanced/content.jsp.
CVE-2021-34427 1 Eclipse 1 Business Intelligence And Reporting Tools 2023-02-11 7.5 HIGH 9.8 CRITICAL
In Eclipse BIRT versions 4.8.0 and earlier, an attacker can use query parameters to create a JSP file which is accessible from remote (current BIRT viewer dir) to inject JSP code into the running instance.
CVE-2022-2712 1 Eclipse 1 Glassfish 2023-02-06 N/A 7.5 HIGH
In Eclipse GlassFish versions 5.1.0 to 6.2.5, there is a vulnerability in relative path traversal because it does not filter request path starting with './'. Successful exploitation could allow an remote unauthenticated attacker to access critical data, such as configuration files and deployed application source code.
CVE-2019-17637 2 Debian, Eclipse 2 Debian Linux, Web Tools Platform 2023-01-27 5.8 MEDIUM 7.1 HIGH
In all versions of Eclipse Web Tools Platform through release 3.18 (2020-06), XML and DTD files referring to external entities could be exploited to send the contents of local files to a remote server when edited or validated, even when external entity resolution is disabled in the user preferences.
CVE-2022-39368 1 Eclipse 1 Californium 2022-11-17 N/A 8.2 HIGH
Eclipse Californium is a Java implementation of RFC7252 - Constrained Application Protocol for IoT Cloud services. In versions prior to 3.7.0, and 2.7.4, Californium is vulnerable to a Denial of Service. Failing handshakes don't cleanup counters for throttling, causing the threshold to be reached without being released again. This results in permanently dropping records. The issue was reported for certificate based handshakes, but may also affect PSK based handshakes. It generally affects client and server as well. This issue is patched in version 3.7.0 and 2.7.4. There are no known workarounds. main: commit 726bac57659410da463dcf404b3e79a7312ac0b9 2.7.x: commit 5648a0c27c2c2667c98419254557a14bac2b1f3f
CVE-2022-36022 1 Eclipse 1 Deeplearning4j 2022-11-15 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
Deeplearning4J is a suite of tools for deploying and training deep learning models using the JVM. Packages org.deeplearning4j:dl4j-examples and org.deeplearning4j:platform-tests through version 1.0.0-M2.1 may use some unclaimed S3 buckets in tests in examples. This is likely affect people who use some older NLP examples that reference an old S3 bucket. The problem has been patched. Users should upgrade to snapshots as Deeplearning4J plan to publish a release with the fix at a later date. As a workaround, download a word2vec google news vector from a new source using git lfs from here.
CVE-2021-34435 1 Eclipse 1 Theia 2022-10-27 6.8 MEDIUM 8.8 HIGH
In Eclipse Theia 0.3.9 to 1.8.1, the "mini-browser" extension allows a user to preview HTML files in an iframe inside the IDE. But with the way it is made it is possible for a previewed HTML file to trigger an RCE. This exploit only happens if a user previews a malicious file..
CVE-2021-34434 2 Eclipse, Fedoraproject 2 Mosquitto, Fedora 2022-10-27 5.0 MEDIUM 5.3 MEDIUM
In Eclipse Mosquitto versions 2.0 to 2.0.11, when using the dynamic security plugin, if the ability for a client to make subscriptions on a topic is revoked when a durable client is offline, then existing subscriptions for that client are not revoked.
CVE-2021-34429 3 Eclipse, Netapp, Oracle 18 Jetty, E-series Santricity Os Controller, E-series Santricity Web Services and 15 more 2022-10-27 5.0 MEDIUM 5.3 MEDIUM
For Eclipse Jetty versions 9.4.37-9.4.42, 10.0.1-10.0.5 & 11.0.1-11.0.5, URIs can be crafted using some encoded characters to access the content of the WEB-INF directory and/or bypass some security constraints. This is a variation of the vulnerability reported in CVE-2021-28164/GHSA-v7ff-8wcx-gmc5.
CVE-2021-28169 4 Debian, Eclipse, Netapp and 1 more 8 Debian Linux, Jetty, Active Iq Unified Manager and 5 more 2022-10-25 5.0 MEDIUM 5.3 MEDIUM
For Eclipse Jetty versions <= 9.4.40, <= 10.0.2, <= 11.0.2, it is possible for requests to the ConcatServlet with a doubly encoded path to access protected resources within the WEB-INF directory. For example a request to `/concat?/%2557EB-INF/web.xml` can retrieve the web.xml file. This can reveal sensitive information regarding the implementation of a web application.
CVE-2022-2048 4 Debian, Eclipse, Jenkins and 1 more 8 Debian Linux, Jetty, Jenkins and 5 more 2022-10-25 5.0 MEDIUM 7.5 HIGH
In Eclipse Jetty HTTP/2 server implementation, when encountering an invalid HTTP/2 request, the error handling has a bug that can wind up not properly cleaning up the active connections and associated resources. This can lead to a Denial of Service scenario where there are no enough resources left to process good requests.
CVE-2022-2047 3 Debian, Eclipse, Netapp 7 Debian Linux, Jetty, Element Plug-in For Vcenter Server and 4 more 2022-10-25 4.0 MEDIUM 2.7 LOW
In Eclipse Jetty versions 9.4.0 thru 9.4.46, and 10.0.0 thru 10.0.9, and 11.0.0 thru 11.0.9 versions, the parsing of the authority segment of an http scheme URI, the Jetty HttpURI class improperly detects an invalid input as a hostname. This can lead to failures in a Proxy scenario.
CVE-2022-3676 1 Eclipse 1 Openj9 2022-10-25 N/A 6.5 MEDIUM
In Eclipse Openj9 before version 0.35.0, interface calls can be inlined without a runtime type check. Malicious bytecode could make use of this inlining to access or modify memory via an incompatible type.
CVE-2022-2191 1 Eclipse 1 Jetty 2022-09-23 5.0 MEDIUM 7.5 HIGH
In Eclipse Jetty versions 10.0.0 thru 10.0.9, and 11.0.0 thru 11.0.9 versions, SslConnection does not release ByteBuffers from configured ByteBufferPool in case of error code paths.
CVE-2022-25897 1 Eclipse 1 Milo 2022-09-13 N/A 7.5 HIGH
The package org.eclipse.milo:sdk-server before 0.6.8 are vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) when bypassing the limitations for excessive memory consumption by sending multiple CloseSession requests with the deleteSubscription parameter equal to False.
CVE-2022-2838 1 Eclipse 1 Sphinx 2022-08-18 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
In Eclipse Sphinxâ„¢ before version 0.13.1, Apache Xerces XML Parser was used without disabling processing of referenced external entities allowing the injection of arbitrary definitions which is able to access local files and expose their contents via HTTP requests.
CVE-2022-2576 1 Eclipse 1 Californium 2022-08-05 N/A 7.5 HIGH
In Eclipse Californium version 2.0.0 to 2.7.2 and 3.0.0-3.5.0 a DTLS resumption handshake falls back to a DTLS full handshake on a parameter mismatch without using a HelloVerifyRequest. Especially, if used with certificate based cipher suites, that results in message amplification (DDoS other peers) and high CPU load (DoS own peer). The misbehavior occurs only with DTLS_VERIFY_PEERS_ON_RESUMPTION_THRESHOLD values larger than 0.
CVE-2021-28165 4 Eclipse, Jenkins, Netapp and 1 more 21 Jetty, Jenkins, Cloud Manager and 18 more 2022-07-29 7.8 HIGH 7.5 HIGH
In Eclipse Jetty 7.2.2 to 9.4.38, 10.0.0.alpha0 to 10.0.1, and 11.0.0.alpha0 to 11.0.1, CPU usage can reach 100% upon receiving a large invalid TLS frame.