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CVE-2018-18506 5 Canonical, Debian, Mozilla and 2 more 12 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Firefox and 9 more 2023-03-17 4.3 MEDIUM 5.9 MEDIUM
When proxy auto-detection is enabled, if a web server serves a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file or if a PAC file is loaded locally, this PAC file can specify that requests to the localhost are to be sent through the proxy to another server. This behavior is disallowed by default when a proxy is manually configured, but when enabled could allow for attacks on services and tools that bind to the localhost for networked behavior if they are accessed through browsing. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 65.
CVE-2020-27769 3 Fedoraproject, Imagemagick, Redhat 3 Fedora, Imagemagick, Enterprise Linux Desktop 2023-03-11 4.3 MEDIUM 3.3 LOW
In ImageMagick versions before 7.0.9-0, there are outside the range of representable values of type 'float' at MagickCore/quantize.c.
CVE-2019-8720 3 Redhat, Webkitgtk, Wpewebkit 24 Codeready Linux Builder, Codeready Linux Builder Eus, Codeready Linux Builder For Arm64 Eus and 21 more 2023-03-10 N/A 8.8 HIGH
A vulnerability was found in WebKit. The flaw is triggered when processing maliciously crafted web content that may lead to arbitrary code execution. Improved memory handling addresses the multiple memory corruption issues.
CVE-2019-13616 6 Canonical, Debian, Fedoraproject and 3 more 13 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora and 10 more 2023-03-03 5.8 MEDIUM 8.1 HIGH
SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) through 1.2.15 and 2.x through 2.0.9 has a heap-based buffer over-read in BlitNtoN in video/SDL_blit_N.c when called from SDL_SoftBlit in video/SDL_blit.c.
CVE-2018-8781 4 Canonical, Debian, Linux and 1 more 6 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Linux Kernel and 3 more 2023-03-03 7.2 HIGH 7.8 HIGH
The udl_fb_mmap function in drivers/gpu/drm/udl/udl_fb.c at the Linux kernel version 3.4 and up to and including 4.15 has an integer-overflow vulnerability allowing local users with access to the udldrmfb driver to obtain full read and write permissions on kernel physical pages, resulting in a code execution in kernel space.
CVE-2019-6116 6 Artifex, Canonical, Debian and 3 more 11 Ghostscript, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux and 8 more 2023-03-01 6.8 MEDIUM 7.8 HIGH
In Artifex Ghostscript through 9.26, ephemeral or transient procedures can allow access to system operators, leading to remote code execution.
CVE-2018-20662 5 Canonical, Debian, Fedoraproject and 2 more 11 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora and 8 more 2023-03-01 4.3 MEDIUM 6.5 MEDIUM
In Poppler 0.72.0, PDFDoc::setup in allows attackers to cause a denial-of-service (application crash caused by Object.h SIGABRT, because of a wrong return value from PDFDoc::setup) by crafting a PDF file in which an xref data structure is mishandled during extractPDFSubtype processing.
CVE-2018-19107 4 Canonical, Debian, Exiv2 and 1 more 6 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Exiv2 and 3 more 2023-03-01 4.3 MEDIUM 6.5 MEDIUM
In Exiv2 0.26, Exiv2::IptcParser::decode in iptc.cpp (called from psdimage.cpp in the PSD image reader) may suffer from a denial of service (heap-based buffer over-read) caused by an integer overflow via a crafted PSD image file.
CVE-2018-8905 4 Canonical, Debian, Libtiff and 1 more 6 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Libtiff and 3 more 2023-03-01 6.8 MEDIUM 8.8 HIGH
In LibTIFF 4.0.9, a heap-based buffer overflow occurs in the function LZWDecodeCompat in tif_lzw.c via a crafted TIFF file, as demonstrated by tiff2ps.
CVE-2018-10998 4 Canonical, Debian, Exiv2 and 1 more 6 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Exiv2 and 3 more 2023-03-01 4.3 MEDIUM 6.5 MEDIUM
An issue was discovered in Exiv2 0.26. readMetadata in jp2image.cpp allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (SIGABRT) by triggering an incorrect Safe::add call.
CVE-2018-14599 5 Canonical, Debian, Fedoraproject and 2 more 7 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora and 4 more 2023-03-01 7.5 HIGH 9.8 CRITICAL
An issue was discovered in libX11 through 1.6.5. The function XListExtensions in ListExt.c is vulnerable to an off-by-one error caused by malicious server responses, leading to DoS or possibly unspecified other impact.
CVE-2019-11833 5 Canonical, Debian, Fedoraproject and 2 more 15 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora and 12 more 2023-03-01 2.1 LOW 5.5 MEDIUM
fs/ext4/extents.c in the Linux kernel through 5.1.2 does not zero out the unused memory region in the extent tree block, which might allow local users to obtain sensitive information by reading uninitialized data in the filesystem.
CVE-2018-18897 4 Canonical, Debian, Freedesktop and 1 more 10 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Poppler and 7 more 2023-03-01 4.3 MEDIUM 6.5 MEDIUM
An issue was discovered in Poppler 0.71.0. There is a memory leak in GfxColorSpace::setDisplayProfile in, as demonstrated by pdftocairo.
CVE-2019-7222 7 Canonical, Debian, Fedoraproject and 4 more 18 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora and 15 more 2023-02-28 2.1 LOW 5.5 MEDIUM
The KVM implementation in the Linux kernel through 4.20.5 has an Information Leak.
CVE-2019-7664 2 Elfutils Project, Redhat 8 Elfutils, Enterprise Linux, Enterprise Linux Desktop and 5 more 2023-02-28 4.3 MEDIUM 5.5 MEDIUM
In elfutils 0.175, a negative-sized memcpy is attempted in elf_cvt_note in libelf/note_xlate.h because of an incorrect overflow check. Crafted elf input causes a segmentation fault, leading to denial of service (program crash).
CVE-2018-1000876 3 Canonical, Gnu, Redhat 5 Ubuntu Linux, Binutils, Enterprise Linux Desktop and 2 more 2023-02-28 4.6 MEDIUM 7.8 HIGH
binutils version 2.32 and earlier contains a Integer Overflow vulnerability in objdump, bfd_get_dynamic_reloc_upper_bound,bfd_canonicalize_dynamic_reloc that can result in Integer overflow trigger heap overflow. Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code.. This attack appear to be exploitable via Local. This vulnerability appears to have been fixed in after commit 3a551c7a1b80fca579461774860574eabfd7f18f.
CVE-2019-14744 6 Canonical, Debian, Fedoraproject and 3 more 8 Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora and 5 more 2023-02-28 5.1 MEDIUM 7.8 HIGH
In KDE Frameworks KConfig before 5.61.0, malicious desktop files and configuration files lead to code execution with minimal user interaction. This relates to, and the mishandling of .desktop and .directory files, as demonstrated by a shell command on an Icon line in a .desktop file.
CVE-2018-10675 3 Canonical, Linux, Redhat 9 Ubuntu Linux, Linux Kernel, Enterprise Linux Desktop and 6 more 2023-02-24 7.2 HIGH 7.8 HIGH
The do_get_mempolicy function in mm/mempolicy.c in the Linux kernel before 4.12.9 allows local users to cause a denial of service (use-after-free) or possibly have unspecified other impact via crafted system calls.
CVE-2018-9568 4 Canonical, Google, Linux and 1 more 9 Ubuntu Linux, Android, Linux Kernel and 6 more 2023-02-24 7.2 HIGH 7.8 HIGH
In sk_clone_lock of sock.c, there is a possible memory corruption due to type confusion. This could lead to local escalation of privilege with no additional execution privileges needed. User interaction is not needed for exploitation. Product: Android. Versions: Android kernel. Android ID: A-113509306. References: Upstream kernel.
CVE-2018-10901 2 Linux, Redhat 5 Linux Kernel, Enterprise Linux Desktop, Enterprise Linux Server and 2 more 2023-02-24 7.2 HIGH 7.8 HIGH
A flaw was found in Linux kernel's KVM virtualization subsystem. The VMX code does not restore the GDT.LIMIT to the previous host value, but instead sets it to 64KB. With a corrupted GDT limit a host's userspace code has an ability to place malicious entries in the GDT, particularly to the per-cpu variables. An attacker can use this to escalate their privileges.