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CVE-2022-48282 1 Mongodb 1 C\# Driver 2023-03-02 N/A 7.2 HIGH
Under very specific circumstances (see Required configuration section below), a privileged user is able to cause arbitrary code to be executed which may cause further disruption to services. This is specific to applications written in C#. This affects all MongoDB .NET/C# Driver versions prior to and including v2.18.0
CVE-2021-20331 1 Mongodb 1 C\# Driver 2021-06-03 3.5 LOW 4.9 MEDIUM
Specific versions of the MongoDB C# Driver may erroneously publish events containing authentication-related data to a command listener configured by an application. The published events may contain security-sensitive data when commands such as "saslStart", "saslContinue", "isMaster", "createUser", and "updateUser" are executed. Without due care, an application may inadvertently expose this authenticated-related information, e.g., by writing it to a log file. This issue only arises if an application enables the command listener feature (this is not enabled by default). This issue affects the MongoDB C# Driver 2.12 <= 2.12.1.